Why to get started with aweber

Why to get started with Aweber

With this article I’ll try to show you what AWeber can do for your email marketing, and why to get started with AWeber as your email marketing software.

But first, lets see who is Aweber for…

Who is AWeber for

AWeber is a suitable email marketing software to help you communicate more effectively with your subscribers. It’s relatively easy to use which makes it suitable for inexperienced users who haven’t done email marketing before.

Read this article if you don’t know what is email marketing

There are also enough advanced features to satisfy the needs of experienced marketers who want to create highly targeted email marketing campaigns

What does AWeber do, and why to get started with aweber

Whether you’re an entrepreneur run a online business or have a local business, advertisement to get costumers costs a lot of money and often comes with low conversion rates.

How are you handling visitors that have subscribed to your email list, looked at your offer and aren’t ready to purchase immediately?  Do you have any way to follow up with them?

AWeber provides a service to help you build relationships with your prospects and gain their trust. This way you can convert first-time visitors into loyal customers.

It’s an easy to use, feature-rich service with several tools to help you achieve your email marketing goals.

The main features of their software are email newsletters, autoresponder tools, collection of email list subscribers, sequential follow-up emails and RSS.

With AWeber you can:

  • Send an automatic series of emails to effectively build relationships.
  • Broadcast newsletters, coupons, and special offers by email.
  • Easily publish sign up forms to your website with the web form tool.
  • Notify your blog readers of newly published posts.
  • Speak with real, live people for friendly service helping you to set up your campaign and achieve the best results.

All of these features should be reason enough why to get started with AWeber.

AWeber Email Marketing

How to effectively build an email list with AWeber

One way to get visitors to subscribe to your email list is to offer them a “freebie” also called a Lead Magnet. A lead magnet is a valuable and relevant piece of content you offer in exchange for their contact information. 

Keep reading about: what is a lead magnet

You’ll see higher engagement rates when the first interaction someone has with your content is valuable.

One of the most reliable ways to reach higher engagement rates is by offering a lead magnet. This can be anything, such as a checklist, infographic, eBook or guide. As long as it is downloadable and provides your visitors with great value. 

One of the reasons why to get started with with AWeber is that they offer numerous of materials to help you grow your email marketing.

One of them is the FREE step-by-step course on how to grow your email list in less then 4 hours.

Learn how to grow your email list in less than 4 hours with step-by-step, expert guidance in six short and simple lessons.

Start the course now


AWeber has a huge library of 700+ HTML email templates which are mobile responsive

This is much more than the most of its competitors. These templates are easy to customize and make them fit your brand using their drag-and-drop editor. 

The editor comes with thousands of stock images, or you can import your own. You can fully costimize your emails and embed videos, buttons, image carousels, along with plenty more options.

You can also create a plain text message, import an HTML template, or use the WYSIWYG HTML editor if you wish to do so.

AWeber Smart Designer

AWeber Smart Designer is a recently released feature with which you’re able to build ready to use branded email templates for your business. It can generate a different choice of templates based on your website. 

The only thing you need to do is provide the intellegent design assistant with your website URL. 

AWeber Smart Designer can recognize logos, pictures, brand colors, headlines and fonts, and assemble them to generate your template. 

The Aweber Smart Designer is also able to scan your social media accounts, blog, e-commerce store front or regular web pages to generate your email template. 

The whole process to scan and generate ready to use branded email templates only takes a few seconds.


Another great feature why to get started with AWeber is… RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to email which can automatically generates newsletters from your recent blog posts. The only you need to do is simply enter the RSS feed URL from your website, choose a template from approximately 100 template options, and do some fine tuning for personalization. 

When your done with your fine tuning it allows you to send it immediately, at a specific time, or pick from various other triggers, such as when a certain number of new blogs have been published, or on specific days of the month.


AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) for email is another new addition to the feature list of AWeber. AMP transforms your email into a dynamic, interactive way to communicate with your subscribers. You can activate AMP for email within the template builder, and brings a number of exciting features including:

  • AWeber Image Carousel.
  • The ability to RSVP to events.
  • Sign up for newsletters.
  • Leave product reviews.
  • Complete surveys.
  • Complete quizzes.
  • Complete polls.
  • View live package shipping updates.


AWeber provides with numerous tips and tools on how to create the perfect newsletter. Combine the highly customizable template builder, AWeber Smart Designer, their RSS to email capabilities, and the knowledge base provided with their blog.

After you have designed your email newsletter it offers you the feature to a one time broadcast. Your broadcast could anything, from a newsletter, or sales offer, to a seasonal or a time specific email. It gives you the ability to select one or more lists to send to, exclude lists, or segments of subscribers.

This broadcast can also be set to automatically post to Twitter or Facebook.


Subscriber lists are the best way to separate your subscribers based on what they have signed up to. 

This way you can manage your content and communicate with your subscribers by sending valuable content to a specific list, based on their common interests.


AWeber also allows you to create segments of your lists based on certain criteria to create a more efficient, personalized experience for your subscribers.


If you have a list from another provider you want to import, AWeber makes this easy for you. 

It let’s you import your subscribers without having them to opt in again, although you can choose to have them do so if you wish.


The sign-up form builder let’s you choose from hundreds of templates. You can use a simple name and email address field in your form, or add extra custom fields. 

The extra fields can be text, check box, single choice, multiple choice, or a date. 

When people sign up you can apply and set tags, for example a certain tag is applied for each answer in a multiple choice list. You can also add in your privacy policy or a check-box for consent.

Once someone has subscribed to your news letter or downloaded your lead magnet, AWeber gives you the option to send them to a standard thank you page, a custom thank you with an offer, or not using one at all.


You can choose if you want your subscribers to go through a single or a double opt-in when they subscribe to your list. 

Double opt-in can be achieved by sending your subscribers an email where they are required to open the email and click the confirm button to be added to your list. 

Using the double opt-in is an effective way of reducing the number of spammers, bots and fake email addresses.


You can tag subscribers if they complete certain actions. For example, if they open your email, or click on certain links within your emails.

If you have subscribers on the same list but with different interest, you can place tags on them. With these tags you can add them to more targeted campaigns.


With the AWeber email marketing software you can create a basic autoresponder follow-up series. This is a simple series of emails automatically sent in a set order at a specific interval. 

The follow-up email series will be send to everyone who has subscribed to that list, and continue until the follow-up series is complete.

AWeber Follow Up Series


The main email automation function offered by AWeber is the Campaign builder, it is in effect the more advanced version of the follow-up series.

Your campaign series can contain 3 elements, a message, a wait or apply a tag. With the drag and drop editor you can easily order the components correctly, and tags can either be added or removed.

A campaign can be triggered by a specific tag or upon subscription. Subscribers can further be narrowed down by a number of filters, including applied tags, where they signed up from, what country they are in, or a specific tracking ID.

Automations can be added to campaign series. These can trigger when someone opens a message or clicks a link. Upon trigger, either tags can be added or removed, or you can choose to remove the subscriber from the campaign.


There are 4 done-for-you campaign templates included that you can use and customized.

  • Welcome Series.
  • Lead Magnet.
  • Blogger Series.
  • Mini Course.


Unlike many of AWeber’s competitors, their plans include full access to all available features, and pricing begins at $19 / month for up to 500 subscribers.

With Aweber the number of subscribers determines the tier of plan you pay for. You will automatically jump to the next price tier when your subscriber list grows.

You can try out AWeber email marketing software FREE for 30 days on the 500 subscriber plan!

AWeber Pricing Plan


You can cancel the free 30 day plan at any time with no charge. With the 30 day free plan you get full access to all AWeber features and support staff during. 

If you continue to use AWeber after the free plan you will be charged at the $19 / month. When you switch to quarterly ($49) or annual payments ($194) for the 500 subscriber plan the rates are even cheaper.

The payment methods that are accepted:

  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover credit cards.

At the current time paypal cannot be used to pay for AWeber accounts.

You can cancel your account at any time if you’re on a monthly plan. When you’ve signed up for a longer payment cycle and wish to cancel part-way through you can arrange a refund through AWeber support.


How is AWeber pricing compared to its main competitors?

GetResponse is the only one that comes with cheaper pricing plans pricing starts at $15 / month for their basic plan with up to 1000 subscribers. However, there are some limitations in functions with the basic plan.

MailChimp offers a free plan, with up to 2000 subscribers, and limited to 20,000 emails per month. However, it has limited features to get somewhat comparable features to AWeber you’ll need to sign up for their Standard plan, which starts at $14.99 / month for 500 subscribers.

Constant Contact plans also starts with 500 subscribers which will cost you $20 / month.

The table below shows you how the price of each email marketing software service changes as the subscriber count increases:

AWeber Competitor Pricing Plan


Now, let’s see how AWeber features compare to some of its competitors email marketing platforms?


  • MailChimp (apart from their very limited free plan) is significantly more expensive than AWeber.
  • Both are fairly easy to use.
  • AWeber comes with more email and sign-up forms and has an easier to use drag and drop editor.
  • AWeber offers more templates to choose from.
  • MailChimp comes with more subscriber segmentation functionality.
  • Both have good email deliverability.
  • MailChimp does not allow affiliate marketing on their platform.
  • MailChimp has a landing page editor.


  • AWeber and GetResponse both offer similar features and are around about the same price. Although, GetResponse is slightly cheaper in the low subscriber range (<1000).
  • GetResponse includes a landing page builder, and funnel building capability (amount depends on the plan you choose).
  • AWeber offers more templates than GetResponse.
  • Both have easy to use drag and drop editors.
  • Both easy to use.
  • GetResponse offers more advanced workflow options.
  • Both platforms come with a large number of integration options, AWeber has a larger number of integrations available.
  • GetResponse offers a larger number of split testing functions with 5 variations, compared to 3 for AWeber.


  • Constant Contact does not charge you for unsubscribers.
  • AWeber has a better autoresponder functionality.
  • AWeber is cheaper than Constant Contact.
  • AWeber comes with email and sign-up form templates than Constant Contact.
  • Both have great customer service.


AWeber is a solid choice for your email marketing

It comes with all the features you need to create email marketing campaigns that generate revenue. 

It gives you the ease of use you need to start sending attractive emails to build relationships and gain the trust of your subscribers.

Its reporting functionality helps you understand your costumers behavior. The reports give you the insights you need to understand how your email marketing campaigns are performing.

The platform also recommends you with actions you can take based on that data. AWeber makes it easy to create workflows based on behavioral triggers(behavioral adaptive marketing), so customers will automatically receive relevant communication based on actions they have taken.

Learn here: what is behavioral adaptive marketing

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