What is a lead magnet

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What is a lead magnet

07/26/2019 Marketing Strategy 0
What is a Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet

If you’re looking to be successful in online marketing, then you will need to build an email list. Email marketing is still the #1 marketing strategy. The best way to build an email list is to give your visitors a “freebie” also called a  Lead Magnet. Who doesn’t love freebies, right!

A freebie is something you give away to your visitors for free in exchange for their email address.

Although money isn’t changing hands, getting the email address of your prospects is very valuable. It converts them to leads, and gives you the ability to market your products or services to them. 

If you’re looking to be successful in online marketing you’ll need an email marketing service. 

Kartra all-in-one marketing platform can help you out with that… and a lot more, like creating opt-in forms to offer your lead magnet. Along with many other features you can also use Kartra for BAM(Behavioral Adaptive Marketing).– THE FUTURE OF ONLINE MARKETING –

What makes a lead magnet valuable to your target audience

  • An effective lead magnet helps your prospects solve their problem or reach their goal. The best way is to provide them with something that they’re already asking for.                                                                                            
  • You’d want your target audience to achieve a “quick win” to build trust, and prove to them that you definitely know what you’re talking about.
  • Remember, no one wants to feel cheated, having signed up for nothing. Your Lead Magnet needs to be extremely helpful, targeted, unique, and well-designed.
  • When your audience download your lead magnet, they should also be more convinced that they should be buying from you.

Common types of lead magnets

1. Guide/ebook

The most common and straightforward Lead Magnet you can offer is an Guide/eBook. But just because it is used most often that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.

In fact, one of the main reasons the Guide/eBook is the most common go-to Lead Magnet for marketers is that they work so well. The key with all Lead Magnets, but especially guides and ebooks, is specificity!

There is a great tool called Designrr  to create your own eBook or Guide. With Designrr you can create Stunning eBooks & Guides in 2 minutes without writing a word

2. Cheat Sheet/Handout

Cheat sheets and handouts work well because they provide highly-tactical information that save a lot of time.

Cheat sheets are usually one or two pages long and are straight to the point. You’ll often see these presented as checklists, blueprints, and mind maps.

3. Toolkit/Resource List

Toolkits and resource lists make great Lead Magnets for the right audience. This provides one list of reference material to use over and over again. So they don’t have to track down all of those tools or resources on their own.

This is a perfect type of freebie if you already have tools and resources available that you want to make sure your leads are aware of.

4. Video Training/Webinar

Video is a highly-engaging format, and if you’re comfortable in front of the camera and have a skill you can teach, this could be the perfect freebie to offer.

5. Quizzes

Many of the savviest marketers are seeing a lot of positive results from running quizzes as a form of lead magnet.

According to LeadQuizzes, the average quiz has a 31.6 percent lead capture rate, which is considered very high in the marketing industry.

Interact is a great tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website.

How to Create a Lead Magnet in 5 Steps

A Lead Magnet needs to have a purpose to be effective. That all starts with who you are serving.

Step 1 – Choose Your Audience

The biggest mistake most marketers make is trying to attract too many people with their Lead Magnet. You want to do the exact opposite.

Your freebie needs to be ultra-specific to the prospects you want to attract. If your Lead Magnet isn’t relevant to the wants and needs of your audience, they aren’t going to download it.

Step 2 – Identify Your Value 

Once you’ve found your audience, you have to give them a compelling reason to download your Lead Magnet. The amount of leads your Lead Magnet generates will be directly tied to the promise you make to your leads.

The best value to offer is something that your buyer audience already needs. Instead of trying to create something you think they could want, figure out what they already need.

In this case, bigger isn’t better. Don’t try to write a massive eBook, but be ultra-specific!

Find a common problem that your prospects are facing and provide them with a quick solution to that problem. The quicker you can get them results, the better.

Step 3 – Name Your Lead Magnet

Now you know what to offer and to whom, giving your Lead Magnet a name will be easy. Your name is essentially a headline for your Lead Magnet. Like an eye-catching headline for a marketing email or blog post.

Step 4 – Choose the Type of Lead Magnet to Offer

By now, you probably have a good idea what you are going to offer. However, you often have several options to choose from..

Here are some things to keep in mind and to help you decide:

  • Keep it simple – Try not to be overly-complicated if no one knows what you’re talking about, they won’t be able to appreciate it. Keep it simple, and packed with value.
  • Focus on your strengths – If you’re a great writer an eBook will probably be your best format. You’re not great at writing, but comfortable on camera? Go with video, instead.
  • Prioritize rapid consumption – You want to solve the problem of audience as quickly as possible. This gives them a quick win (which you did promise). Choose a format that allows fast delivery and consumption.

Step 5 – Create Your Lead Magnet

So, the strategic work is over, now you have to put in the work to create your own.

As you work on your Lead Magnet, remember who it’s for and the solution you’re promising them. If you keep those two things in mind, the process will be straightforward.

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